CREA VALORE NETWORK offers the best of Italian expertise in management and engineering.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, our organisation and our extensive professional culture, we are able to guarantee specialised support to technical professionals, companies, entrepreneurs, investment funds and wealthy clients to jointly develop the execution of large-scale multidisciplinary projects and assist them from the earliest stages.

A full-service agent to promote energy efficiency, technological modernisation and the securing of the national housing stock and to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the NRRP and all tax incentives.

Brand Identity

The word ‘CREA’ (create) implies the origin of the world, the beginning of art, production, construction, foundation, creation.

But there are also two other important words that we convey every day in our activities, namely VALUE and NETWORK’.

It is not only what we do that counts, but also how we do it and what we achieve in the end: our aim is to bring Value and that is the basis of our corporate culture.

And that is why, in defining our Brand Identity, we have decided to put VALUE center stage.

But to design, create and build the most beautiful place in the world, it takes people and making the dream a reality. It is people who create value.

The stronger the NETWORK the stronger the company and therefore the capacity to offer clients more VALUE. These Values are identified by our colours:

  • blue – high professional quality of our services;
  • green – sustainability of our projects;
  • red – passion in all that we do.


We put the customer first. We analyse, study, discuss in clear and direct language and make decisions.
We do not wait for the customer to come up with ideas and solutions. We always work to understand their needs and anticipate them.

We are ambitious and do not set ourselves limits. We always try to go one step further.
We are innovative, we break new ground and refuse to imitate the safe patterns tried and tested by others.
We are here to be bold, factual in our proposals and results-oriented, the basis on which we measure our success.
It is the business objectives that give us the real feedback on our work and at the same time our objective tool with which to grow.

Results are the most valuable material we have.


Consulting and coaching activities for (tax credit holders, technicians, condominium administrators and condo owners), with information on the real opportunities and the advantages and risks offered by tax incentives.

Facilitation of meetings between tax credit holders and potential third party purchasers, banks, financial institutions, Esco, suppliers, companies, safely and with all legal and fiscal assistance in compliance with current regulations and clarifications provided by the Italian Revenue Agency.

Support in the assignment of credit holders, mainly to financial and banking institutions as well as to companies and/or professionals, via the tax credit assignment and invoice discounting mechanism.

Support in obtaining pre-financing/financing/ bridge financing, issued by the best financial and banking institutions, at the best market conditions, either for works involving sums that cannot be subsidised and/or are not assignable as tax credit and invoice discount, or while waiting for the tax credit to become assignable and certified.

Assistance in identifying technical professionals/companies/supplies that guarantee the best offer in economic and qualitative terms and with certifications.


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