Crea valore - a delivery unit serving public administration and enterprises

CREA VALORE NETWORK, thanks to its team of experts in the field of NRRP, ensures a timelier and result-oriented deployment of resources.

The need for expertise and experience for a rapid and effective implementation of the NRRP and of the ecological transition determines the strategic importance of relying on professionals in the field.

CREA VALORE has a crucial role to play in meeting this challenge, as it represents a reinforcement of the public and business machinery by guaranteeing the insertion of skilled professionals capable of simplifying the procedure for accessing funds and achieving targets efficiently, while respecting project timelines.

The primary objective of the work and services offered by CREA VALORE NETWORK starts from a careful preliminary collection of the needs and requirements of the Entities and Enterprises, by preparing feasibility studies while at the same time identifying the active NRRP calls, thus creating virtuous synergy.

CREA VALORE NETWORK is a partner of reference in the implementation of projects, particularly for the smaller entities featuring smaller staffs.

The competence and experience in the Public Administration sector of CREA VALORE NETWORK’s professionals represent that added value that allows it to instil the necessary reliability and security into the relationship with the PA.