A team of managers characterised by significant experience in top positions of large companies and SMEs.

A team of highly qualified experts, professionals constantly at work, able to provide specific answers to questions related to the various areas of corporate activity.

We focus on providing a shared and comprehensive management consulting service, all the way to full success.

Specialists from a variety of sectors with proven professional experience who can guarantee our clients a concrete and reliable service also thanks to the possession of soft skills that are indispensable today, such as communication, listening, flexibility and problem solving skills.

Gaia Ntibarikure


Giuseppe Massascusa

Business Development Manager

Manuele Petranelli

Partner - Managing Director - Systems Engineering & Sustainability

Pietro Mocali

Partner - Managing Director - Architecture Solutions

Leonardo Catarzi

Partner -  Managing Director - Architectural Engineering

Iacopo Paganelli

Partner - Architectural Engineering

Duccio Pecci

Managing Director - Architectural Management

Carlotta Costa

Partner - Managing Director - Structural Engineering

Marie-Claire Ntibarikure

Partner - Structural Engineering