Code of Ethics


CREA VALORE NETWORK identifies a core of values as a constant reference in its daily actions, in the conduct of its aairs and activities within the scope of its objectives.

CREA VALORE NETWORK in its activities and in the conduct of its aairs takes as its guiding principles respect for the law and regulations, as well as internal rules, within a framework of integrity, fairness and confidentiality.

We aim to reconcile the pursuit of market competitiveness with compliance with competition regulations and, with a view to social responsibility and environmental protection, to promote the correct and functional use of resources.

The conduct towards customers of CREA VALORE NETWORK and of the network’s companies and their employees is characterised by helpfulness, respect and courtesy, with a view to a fair and highly professional relationship.

With reference to these values, CREA has adopted a Code of Ethics in which it sets out the principles of ethical behaviour that all its employees and collaborators are called to comply with in the performance of their duties.

Our Code of Ethics highlights our commitment to ethical behaviour in the management of our activities, towards all our stakeholders: customers, partners, suppliers, competitors and public bodies.