Integrated Design & Engineering


Every idea is always developed following a complete ideation process.

For us, design is everything. We work alongside our customers to guide them through the realisation of new works.

All the way from the administrative and techno-economic feasibility check to architectural, structural and plant design, to engineering, to the executive phase of control and supervision of works, our team supports the client throughout the entire process leading to the actual construction of the work.

Availability, flexibility, organisation, efficiency and effectiveness are the elements that characterise our path together with the client.

Our multidisciplinary team engages in design sectors ranging from buildings to civil and infrastructural works, from environmental remediation to hydraulic engineering.

Our experience has taught us that designing a structure is a great commitment. We therefore feel a great deal of responsibility, both culturally and technically, towards the client but also towards the environment in which the structure will be developed and the quality and sustainability of the work involved.

CREA VALORE NETWORK’s operating model is based on the concept of integrated design, i.e., on the interaction of the various disciplines that contribute to the definition of the design process.

Via this approach, multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary design is integrated into a single model with all useful information at every stage of architectural, structural and system engineering design, fostering coordinated and integrated collaboration between the various in-house disciplinary competences and with the direct involvement of the client throughout the entire design process.

Integrated design is not just a concept for its own sake, but a practical tool. It allows us to approach the design of a work with an overall vision, which runs through the entire construction process and offers real advantages to the customer.